4 October 2019

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

This Week

Earlier this week, I posted my regular rundown of the books/screenplays I read in the past month. There’s a lot for September.

Last weekend, I found a keepsake book for the 20th anniversary of Walt Disney World, which would have happened in 1991. Since October 1 is the official birthday of WDW, I took advantage of both occasions to share some photos of Disney World past.

This weekend, I’m going to the House on the Rock. If you’re new around here, I love the House on the Rock. Earlier this year, I made a video with footage I shot on last year’s two trips.

I’ll be posting new photos on Instagram, if you want to follow along with this year’s trip.

This Friday afternoon, I’m going to get a new tattoo from an artist who offers a Magic 8 Ball deal: three shakes of a special tattoo-themed Magic 8 Ball and a tattoo selection from the three results. I’ll update you on what I get.


Why libraries are eliminating late fees for overdue books.

An epic, lovely oral history of Lilith Fair.

“The only thing I regret is I can’t wear heels anymore.” Debbie fucking Harry.

The overlooked and overdue NYT obituary for Robert Johnson.

Let women make erotic thrillers. Recently, I’ve been catching up on a lot of late 80s/early 90s thrillers I never saw, so I am in exactly the right mood for this piece (don’t miss the list of recommendations at the end).

“The practice of telling the bees may have its origins in Celtic mythology that held that bees were the link between our world and the spirit world. So if you had any message that you wished to pass to someone who was dead, all you had to do was tell the bees and they would pass along the message.” The custom of telling the bees.

“Perhaps it is useful to see our lives as a series of failed or abandoned dreams, but to also recognise that these dreams are the very architecture of our humanity; to lovingly accept our shortcomings and lay them to rest in the knowledge that growth and regret go hand in hand, as do failure and potentiality.” Nick Cave.


  • If you’re in a Halloween mood, might I recommend Marianne (Netflix)? Ultimately, this ended up feeling a bit uneven to me, and most of the plot turns and scares you can see coming—but it’s stylishly done and still very frightening. It is a relatively long series, as far as its story arc is concerned, so you might want to make sure you can commit.

  • One of my new favorite directors, Christian Petzold, is the subject of a current series on the Criterion Channel. Please partake.

  • I’ve been in a shoegazey mood lately. Have some My Bloody Valentine.


On my last trip to Disney World, I found a new favorite spot. I’ll tell you about it now, as a guide and a gift.

Last week I published the monthly essay for paid subscribers. It’s about why I love Disney World. If you want to read it, you can hop on over and subscribe.

It’s officially October. I love October. I’m ready.




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This week’s quote is from L. M. Montgomery.