22 May 2020

“The longer the lever the less imperceptible the motion.”

This Week

Hello, friends. The well is a bit low lately, so I haven’t any notes or items to mention here this week. Hope you’re all doing well.


In the 1930s, Americans responded to economic calamity by creating a richer and more equitable society. We can do it again.

How to fight fear and anxiety when quarantine ends.

“In this, the age of the global pantry, ingredients like turmeric, tahini, and gochujang have finally shaken off their hitherto “exotic” status. But it’s white cooking personalities like Alison Roman and many of the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen stars who have had viral success using them.

The haunting of Girlstown.

Scott Tobias looks back at, arguably, the peak of the Star Wars saga, The Empire Strikes Back, forty years after its release.

The Community cast (including Donald Glover, excluding Chevy Chase) reunited for an episode table read and it was delightful.

Fire (Pozar): written, drawn and directed by David Lynch.

“After all, modern astrology has never really been about studying the planets or the sky. They aren’t our objects but our mirrors. The cosmic world reflects the human world, and the human world reflects the cosmos. Astrology encourages us to see ourselves not as isolated observers but as beings inextricably linked to the workings of the universe — as vast, as complicated, as beautiful and wild as the stars.” Who cares if astrology isn’t ‘real’?

“So it’s about paying attention to that—the thing that was right under your nose the whole time—and just really examining it. This type of noticing can be very grounding.” Jenny Odell on taking the time you need to notice, think, and grow.


  • The Fits, directed by Anna Rose Holmer. The existential horror and magic of coming-of-age made real, a longform meditation on how much agency girls can and should have in their lives. This came out a few years ago but is newly available on streaming (both on Amazon Prime and the Criterion Channel) so is ready and deserving for a wider audience.

  • I haven’t been working the past couple of weeks and so I’ve been spending far more down time in front of screens than is probably necessary and/or healthy. So I’ve added in listening to old detective dramas via the Down These Mean Streets podcast. An old solution, perhaps, but it’s working.

Hang in there.




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This week’s quote is from Henry David Thoreau.