19 February 2021

“The hoarding of soul within interiority has served a defensive function, protecting us from the tragedies and travesties in our midst."

This Week

It’s mid-February, everything’s frozen, we’re just powering through. Stay safe and warm. Spring is coming.


Investigation finds that Chicago police failed on every level responding to the past summer’s protests.

“Outdated facts are mental fossils that are best abandoned.” On the importance of forming your own second opinions.

“You can get lured into loving yourself too much. That’s why I left Hollywood. I didn’t want to get into all of that. I didn’t want to lose myself. I needed to leave to save myself. I like who I am, even with the suffering you go through, even with the fact that when you’re vulnerable you feel everything so intensely.” A lovely profile of Kim Novak.

The rise of the digital gothic.

If winter feels extra hard this year, you’re not alone.


Friends, I have been on a journey with WandaVision. I’m not a big Marvel fan, so I tend to only seek out those films with a particular character or hook I might be interested in rather than watching every one. I am a busy person, I have zoo animal videos to watch. I haven’t seen an Avengers movie beyond the first one (which I did like, for the record). I was irritated when WandaVision premiered because the advertising for it was everywhere and I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t particularly care. Then I discovered Kathryn Hahn was in it (why didn’t the advertising lead with that?), so I thought maybe I’d check it out eventually. Then I started reading more about its complexity and depth and so I watched all available six episodes over the long weekend. And now I’m borderline obsessed with it. Highly recommended if, like me, you were slightly mystified by it.

Everything is snow. Get comfortable. That will be enough.




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This week’s quote is from Mary Watkins.