16 April 2021

“I keep turning over new leaves, and spoiling them, as I used to spoil my copybooks; and I make so many beginnings there never will be an end.”

This Week

So I said last week I was moving off of Substack this week and it turns out I was incorrect. After I set up some software to host the newsletter I immediately decided it wasn’t exactly what I wanted and now I’m setting up a new solution. Now expect the switch to happen in the coming week. Subscribers will be automatically ported over to the new platform, but I just want to keep you informed. If you’re wondering about exactly why I’ve decided to move off of Substack and what alternative I opted for instead, I’ll be writing a bit on my website about that soon.

After the sad news that ArcLight Cinemas will not reopen, I wrote about mourning the ArcLight when you’re not any sort of film professional in LA but just a regular person in the Midwest who loves movies.

This Sunday we release the next episode of Quiet Little Horrors and we’re diving into South Korean film this month, beginning with a mini on, of course, Parasite. You can subscribe at the usual podcast places to get new episodes right away.


We are Adam Toledo.

The case for returning the national parks to the Native tribes.

This story about the last men’s hotel in Chicago packs quite a punch.

Reflecting on Joe Dante’s The Howling on its fortieth anniversary.

Photographer Stephen Shore’s new book documenting 1970s steel towns.

Turns out it’s pretty good reading in the morning. My routine is that I read non-fiction in the morning and fiction before bed. The bits of time add up.

“The undercurrent of excessive literalism and obsession with story mechanics that plagues modern fandoms and criticism is pernicious, and it denies us the tools we need to find meaning in art.” This essay on the role of classical mythos in life, art and criticism is one of my favorite things I’ve read recently.


I haven’t finished much lately. Check back in later. As always, I keep track of thing on Goodreads, Letterboxd and my own media log.

Keep going, friends.




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This week’s quote is from Jo March, courtesy of Louisa May Alcott in Little Women.