13 March 2020

"It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top."

This Week

I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy, for your own sake and for others’. If you can, stay in, order items from local stores, check if neighbors need help. Post pet photos on the internet. We’ll get through it.

I’ve opened up two new virtual mentoring sessions for beginning tech speakers from underrepresented minorities on next Friday from 12-1pm Central Time. Sign up at jenmyers.net/mentoring. As always, if you’re not in tech but want to chat about general public speaking tips, feel free to grab a session.

Here is a photo of my cat Nancy, who is unconcerned about everything.


What does “social distancing” mean? A useful guide.

"To be a woman is to be forever vigilant against violence." Rebecca Solnit on Harvey Weinstein.

As the Field Museum phases out its outdated Native American displays, it launches its first exhibition curated by a Native woman.

The history of the URL.

The early 20th-century’s strangest crime wave: the poison pen letter.

Director Jennifer Reeder’s recommendations of genre films directed by women.

By the way, Reeder’s Knives and Skin, an offbeat teen noir slash new wave musical, is now on Hulu and it’s worth taking for a spin.

I just recently started watching Schitt’s Creek (behind the curve on this one, I know) but I quickly realized David is a major style inspiration. Now he’s a digital paper doll.

15 Brutalist masterpieces in Chicago, mapped.

Farewell to Max Von Sydow.


  • The Invisible Man (theatrical release) This had film a lot going for it in my estimation before I even saw it: Elisabeth Moss is a terrific actress and the story seemed to be both a fresh and vital take. I’m pleased to report it all pays off. This is a great film. What a wonderful women-focused horror age we’re living in now.

  • I wasn’t feeling super well for a couple of weeks recently (sinus issues only!) so I decided to work my way through all of Blumhouse’s Into the Dark films, a series released on Hulu. The series as a whole has a Twilight Zone/Black Mirror vibe with more overt horror tones. It’s hit or miss, but my standouts include: Pure (I recommended this a while back), Culture Shock, New Year, New You, Treehouse and Flesh & Blood.

  • Currently reading the third book in Maureen Johnson’s Truly Devious trilogy, The Hand on the Wall. I’m not done yet (NO SPOILERS) but this continues to be a delightful YA mystery series.

  • New Margo Price y’all.

Stay cozy.




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This week’s quote is from Virginia Woolf.