13 December 2019

“The deeper task is to rescue aloneness.”

This Week

A quick note to follow up on my message a month ago about looking for a new job:

Thank you to everyone who did reach out, with leads or just good wishes. I greatly appreciate it all.

Oh, and sorry for sending last week’s newsletter with the wrong month in the title. I’ve been off lately.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting all my end-of-year favorites lists, which I love to do. So I guess get pumped for that.


Little Women is a big, important American masterpiece. Let's treat it like one.

Every movie of the 2010s, ranked. This is not only an impressive list in the fact of it, but also in its order and context.

Best documentaries of 2019.

The hidden world of Japan’s social recluses.

“52 things I learned in 2019.”

“There is rarely any adventure to be had in running away as an adult woman—only fear of regret and embarrassment.” What we imagine when women run away.


  • Dark (Netflix) I’ve been catching up on television series lately, so I watched the first season of The Terror (great and depressing as hell) and now I’m moving through one that has long been on my watchlist: the strange German drama Dark. I use “strange” as a complimentary descriptor because I can’t think of many others. This series reminds me a bit of a more tightly constructed and focused Twin Peaks, in that it grows from many of the same fundamental story elements: tragedy of lost young people, generations in a small town, secrets in a cave in the woods, the circular mystery of the universe and time (“it’s happening again”). But Dark is sharp and solidly grounded, dwelling just as much in the darkness of its characters as it does in the mystery, even as that mystery reveals itself an intricate puzzle box of nuclear energy, unknown antagonists and time travel. It’s less about ineffability than it is about accountability, identity and interconnectedness. It’s worth sinking into.

We’re all just doing our best. It’s cool.




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This week’s quote is from Patti Smith.