10 January 2020

“You are your best thing.”

This Week

Just muddling through this week. Send me all your Baby Yoda gifs.


Writers and their writing tools.

Finding images of deceased loved ones on Google Maps Street View.

“The church is open to all. You’re free to bring your own instrument.” Fifty years of worship at the church of John Coltrane.

Fellow media log enthusiasts, director Steven Soderbergh has posted his 2019 “seen, read” list.

This is a very good examination of tattoo on film.

“I’m interested in this idea that hobbies can not only help us cope in times of crisis, but they can also foster in us a sense of personal liberty that, no matter how small, can help us resist tyranny.” Knitting at the end of the world.

“It’s hard to take risks — to know which risks are good for you and which risks are destructive. People destroy their lives in new ways every day. People with everything do this and people with nothing do this. It’s time for you to start to cultivate compassion for yourself, above all else, so that you can slowly start to feel compassion for the people around you.” Ask Polly.


  • Recently I picked up a copy of Stephen King’s Joyland (at the Dial Bookshop, which is a fantastic Chicago bookstore to patronize). Published by Hard Case Crime, it’s less of a horror story than a thriller and has plenty of King nostalgia, but I’ll always show up for pulpy carnival tales and this is a very enjoyable one.

  • The Criterion Channel is now streaming Jane Campion’s In the Cut, a dangerously dreamy take on the “serial killer stalks the streets” genre, centered on the depths of women’s desire. Meg Ryan is something to appreciate here. This film never got its full due.

  • Been listening to a lot of Lou Reed lately. No particular reason. It’s good gray January weather music.

Keep on coping.




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This week’s quote is from Toni Morrison.